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The Dominatrix Archetype:

A Psychological and Practical Methodology Workshop

3-Day Weekend Immersion Course in Los Angeles, CA




APRIL 25 & 26, 2020 - 8 SPOTS LEFT

This 2-day (16-hour) live online Zoom course delves into the study of how to be a Dominatrix through the teachings of archetypal, psychological, mental, verbal and practical aspects. Having the right equipment, toys and physical skills is only part of being an effective Dominatrix. There is a certain air about Her.  A Dominatrix needs to speak, behave, and carry Herself evocatively in order to command the attention and obedience of her submissive.  BDSM is about power exchange—or energy exchange. A submissive feels dominated by a Woman who exudes dominant energy. This energy can be channeled, practiced and emanated.

Mistress Damiana welcomes 10 powerful and inspired Women to explore and cultivate the Dominatrix within. Practicing or non-practicing, experienced or newbie, lifestyle or professional dommes can benefit from the teachings of this course.   The 10 student maximum format is designed to create a learning environment that is conducive to receiving individual attention and feedback so that personal goals be met. The small group size also creates an intimate, supportive environment that encourages exploration and growth around a subject matter that is usually very personal and private.

Workshop and course study includes:


•  Developing your Dominatrix persona using basic and essential domination techniques

•  Demonstration and exploration of the archetypes within the Dominatrix Archetype to discover

    and develop your personal style

•  Learning the psychology and language of female domination

•  Understanding the psychology of the submissive and his unconscious desires

•  Light BDSM skills (slave training, cropping, light bondage, worship, spanking, cb bondage & more)

•  Optional hands-on practice with your own submissive and feedback from Mistress Damiana 

•  Q&A with Mistress Damiana's experienced, insightful personal subs

Course hours:

Saturday 10am-6pm

Sunday 10am-6pm

**All graduates of the Workshop are welcome to continue mentorship with Mistress Damiana with a 30% discount to future to-be-scheduled in-person Dominatrix Archetype workshop and will be invited to join occasional live or recorded Zoom video lessons given by Mistress Damiana, and are granted a special discounted rate for personal coaching.**

•  BDSM-themed goody-bags courtesy of The Stockroom, L.A.'s source for kinky toys, BDSM gear and fetishwear and official sponsor of The Dominatrix Archetype Workshop. (Use discount code DAMIANA15 for 15% off on their online store or at their retail store! More here.)