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Graduates / Mentees List

The following names are of the professional and lifestyle Dommes who have completed the course curriculum for The Dominatrix Archetype Workshop, plus continuing education courses if indicated. I commend these Women for their courage to step outside their comfort zones and for their commitment to striving toward personal and professional growth.  Although these Women reside all over the United States and Canada, the sisterhood and community that began its formation during workshop weekends continues to expand and grow as we remain connected through ongoing training sessions online and in person.  Their enthusiasm for learning has inspired my commitment to offer them my continued support and mentorship.  It is very much a relationship based on energy exchange and trust--the synchrony is unmistakable.

With appreciation,

Mistress Damiana


♡ Mistress Lilly, Los Angeles, CA

♡ Ms Lilly, Los Angeles, CA

♡ Mistress Ronnie, Los Angeles, CA

☆♡ Mistress Jazmine, Los Angeles, CA

Lady Gabrielle, Los Angeles, CA

Ms A., Los Angeles, CA

☆ Mistress Anikka Albright, Los Angeles, CA

Mistress Rae, Los Angeles, CA

Goddess Ashley, Los Angeles, CA

Mistress Vixen, Los Angeles, CA

Mistress Vivian, Los Angeles, CA

Mistress Roxelana, Los Angeles, CA

Mistress Magentta, Rancho Cucamonga, CA

Goddess Styx, San Diego, CA

Mistress Calliope, San Diego, CA

♡ Mistress Mighty, San Diego, CA

Goddess Stella Sol, San Francisco, CA

Mistress Elizabeth, Santa Cruz, CA

♡ Sorceress Z, Seattle, WA


Miss Mae Ling, Las Vegas, NV

♡ Mistress Misty, Salt Lake City, UT

Mistress Savene, Reno, NV


♡ Mistress T, Chicago, IL


Mistress Ava Simone, Hartford, CT

♡ Mistresss Selinia Dalling, DE

☆♡ Dominatrix Ana Vex, Washington, DC

Mistress Tochka, DC

♡ Mistress Meg, FL

Mistress Sarianna, Tampa, FL

Lady Lilith, Ft. Lauderdale, FL

Mistress Camela, Atlanta, GA

Mistress Solace, NJ

☆ Mistress Genevieve, NY


☆♡ Goddess Rose Thorne, Edmonton, Alberta

♡ Miss Elle Roth, Calgary, Alberta

♡ Mistress Hailey Payne, Edmonton, Alberta

Mistress Sarah, Winnipeg, Manitoba

♡ = joined Zoom lessons

☆ = completed Advanced BDSM Workshop