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"Be Your Best Submissive Self" Online Course!


A Psychological and Exploratory

Online Course

A recording of the live Zoom course on 10/17/20 is available for purchase. Send an email via the Course Inquiry section below.

This 4-hour comprehensive, interactive online course is for the submissive, fetishist, masochist or bottom who is serious about learning how to put their best foot forward to impress and meet the pro or lifestyle Dominatrix(es) they have been wishing to serve or are currently serving.  Although the artform of Female Domination is centuries old, the traditions, protocols, and etiquettes practiced within FemDom and kink culture are very much alive and evolving in the modern world.  This course will give you the must-know information on how to behave as a proper sub (either in-person or online) so you can increase the probability of being accepted into a Mistress's realm, learn how to best please Her during a session, and understand how to sustain a satisfying D/s relationship.  All subs, from newbie to experienced, collared or uncollared, can benefit from the valuable learnings offered within this course.


In this course, Mistress Damiana Chi, a Ph.D. in clinical psychology, shares findings from her doctoral dissertation, entitled “The Erotically Submissive Man,” and from her insights and personal experience from over 20 years of full-time private practice as professional dominatrix, to facilitate your journey toward a greater understanding, acceptance and union with your submissive self.  


Course topics will include:

• Identifying what kind of submissive you are; understanding your personal matrix

• Proper protocols and etiquette when communicating with or serving a Dominatrix

• The natural stages of development from shame to self-acceptance

• Psychotherapeutic benefits of BDSM sessions

• The submissive’s connection with The Divine Feminine

• Understanding the unconscious drive behind serving a Dominatrix

• Navigating Female-led relationships (FLR)

• Live demonstrations with Mistress Damiana and her personal subs

• Student Q&A and interactive discussions with Mistress Damiana

• And more!



*This online course will be conducted on Zoom live video conferencing for an interactive virtual classroom experience.  Video imaging of the students will be turned OFF for the duration of the course to protect anonymity, unless anyone chooses to turn their video on. 


**This course is not gender-limited, although most of Mistress Damiana’s experience has been with male submissives.  All gender identiies welcome.

READ TESTIMONIALS from previous participants of Be Your Best Submissive Self Online Course!




"When Mistress Damiana instituted her groundbreaking Dominatrix Archetype class, I was elated that someone of Her stature and experience was engaging in this valuable outreach. Imagine my joy when She announced a similar course for submissives. As someone on "the other end of the whip," I'm always grateful for opportunities to learn and grow. And this course delivered tenfold. As a submissive with just over 20 years in the scene, I was fascinated with Mistress Damiana's extensive background in both BDSM and psychology. She meticulously describes the various dominatrix archetypes, explaining how each one connects with the submissive's deepest desires and longings. Additionally, She helped all of us understand our own unique position on the "submissive spectrum" so that we may better serve current or future Mistresses.  In addition to the insightful pointers into the psychological aspects of D/s, Mistress Damiana devoted a great deal of time to the "hands-on" parts of FemDom interaction: how to approach a Mistress, basic etiquette, red flags, etc.  Budding submissives just beginning their journey into FemDom will walk away with valuable lessons on how to proceed. More experienced subs will get an equally invaluable refresher and inspiration to go deeper.  All throughout, Mistress Damiana maintained a relaxed, approachable atmosphere. She created a truly safe space where questions were encouraged and answered in a thoughtful way. I'm grateful that I had this opportunity to interact with Mistress Damiana and fellow submissives. The need for community and mutual support within O/our lifestyle has always been critical, and it's even more important in the COVID era. I wholeheartedly recommend that Mistresses and subs avail themselves of Mistress Damiana's classes. They will quickly discover why She is such a well-regarded Domme both in Los Angeles and in the greater BDSM world."

Richard T., Nashville, TN

"As a participant in the first "BE YOUR BEST SUBMISSIVE" course and as a submissive man and fetishist, I highly recommend to take this course. This course is good for all levels of interest, from the first-time beginner who is still extremely uncertain to the experienced and confident sub. Everyone will learn something for a very reasonable fee. And you have access to ask questions and discuss your concerns with one of the world's most passionate and authentic Dommes. Mistress Damiana is warm and supportive of you. This course is also great for either a submissive seeking a professional Domme or for those who are in lifestyle relationships like myself. I am not seeking a professional Domme, but as a submissive and slave in lifestyle relationship, I have learned many new tips and ideas to integrate into my life so that I can be the best submissive to the love of my life. In one week, I can already see the benefits, the change in my attitude and mind set based on a few tweaks to the approach I take as a submissive. My Lady is extremely pleased with my results in only one week and it has opened up new realities to me of how to enhance the Domme/Sub relationship and ultimately make her as a relaxed and as happy as possible. An opportunity like this to engage with Mistress Damiana Chi and her stable of insightful and supportive submissive pets should not be missed. We have been actively taking personal instruction and her courses for the past year and I can personally say the effect has been life altering for both my Domme and I. Do not wait any longer to take those steps toward a healthier and more productive life. She is an amazing and effective instructor and loves what she does. You will feel it and benefit from it. This course an opportunity for you to open up and spend four hours of your life relaxing with like minded people and gaining and opportunity to be better and come closer to fulfilling your maximum potential. Discretion and privacy are highly protected, extensive participation is not required, but to your advantage to do so. Mistress Damiana has changed our lives in our lifestyle D/s relationship forever. She took the Dominatrix Archetype course and I have now taken the Submissive course, plus personal instruction. You, too, can benefit like we have. Sign up today!"

~ Jamie, East Coast

"Dear Mistress Chi,

I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for this amazing online course and demonstration!  It was highly informative and fascinating. As someone who is a total beginner when it comes to experience with BDSM, it is very interesting to find out more about what kind of a submissive you are, how to best approach a Domme and how to behave before and during a session and also what a session could look like. It completely reassured me and confirmed my suspicions that I had about myself being a submissive. I felt very personally moved by certain parts of the course and it was very emotionally inspiring to find out things about myself and get clarity about certain aspects. Also hearing about the way other submissive live their lives and deal with challenges was very interesting.  You are a true professional and, in my opinion, perfect at what You do! This course is an invaluable experience that I am very grateful for and I highly recommend it to anyone interested in the D/s world! Once more, thank you so much for this amazing experience, I will cherish it."

All the best,

Anna, Heidelberg, Germany

"There are so few comprehensive classes for submissives. But this past weekend i took Mistress Damiana Chi’s submissive course “Be Your Best Submissive Self”. She has taken Her 20+ years of experience as a professional and lifestyle Domme and Her experience creating the Dominatrix Archetype Workshop and has put together a 4 hour long course geared to all levels of submissive.  I have been in the Los Angeles BDSM scene for almost 15 years and have never heard some of these concepts put in such a clear, approachable fashion.  Mistress Damiana has created a course that is thorough, with information that is very well thought-out, organized, and logical. One concept leads to the next which leads to the next. She even created an exercise that really helped me clarify what type of submissive i am.  As an instructor Mistress Damiana is not only knowledgeable, insightful, poised, with years of practical experience but She is also passionate about the subject. She truly cares about D/s and values the submissives treating them with understanding and compassion.  I truly hope other submissives have the opportunity to experience this course and gain insight into what being a submissive could be."

~ slaveboy julia, La Crescenta, CA

"When i first heard about Mistress Damiana's plans to offer a class for submissive's, i thought it was a brilliant idea. Who better to teach submissive's how to please a Dominant than one of the preeminent Femdom practitioners in the world? Mistress Damiana has applied Her years of experience in both the professional and lifestyle scenes, along with Her wealth of expertise in the field of psychology, to thoughtfully create a concise course that covers all of the basic's to help a submissive understand how to properly act in the presence of a Goddess. From teaching proper submissive etiquette to introspective exercises in order to understand one's submissive self, the content of this course is something every submissive should know. Thank You Mistress for allowing me the honor of attending Your ground breaking new course, it was a wonderful, connecting and most of all insightful experience."

~ leather pet, San Francisco, CA

"I took Mistress Damiana's class for submissives and even though I am an experienced life-style sub, I still found it to be quite enlightening.  The subject matter was both broader and deeper than I anticipated and I got much more out of the class than I expected.  From the onset, Mistress Damiana fostered a feeling of trust and openness that made the students feel at ease and better able to accept and even embrace their submissive sides.  It helped me characterize what type of submissive I am, and what to focus on to better my relationships with Dommes. Whether your goal is to get the most out of sessions as a client or to be a personal service slave or anywhere in between, this class will be a tremendous help.  It will definitely improve your communication with Dommes and will probably save you years of trial and error."

Greg, Los Angeles, CA

"I was very fortunate to attend Mistress Damiana’s, “Be Your Best Submissive Self: A Psychological and Exploratory Online Course”.  In a nutshell, the class was excellent and I highly recommend it.  The course description goes over the highpoints of the course and they are just that highpoints.  From these highpoints she will bring them to earth and show you the reasons behind your fantasies.  Mistress Damiana knows that the greatest Dominatrixes understand the importance of psychology in the relationship, the inspiration of the submissive and the deep desires within.  Mistress Damiana provides insight into your own personal psyche. 

How do you speak with a Dominatrix?  Why do you not receive a response to your contact?  How should you present yourself when meeting?  Why do you want to serve a Dominatrix?  These questions and many others are answered in this course.  Growth is part of the submissive journey, education is part of that growth.

I have been involved in BDSM for more than 20 years, and during all that time, I could tell you my interests and desires but I could never understand the motivations behind them.  I floundered and slowly learned, this course would have taken years of indecision from me and allowed my expression of my true self at a much earlier age.   She presented a section on what kind of submissive am I and my own personal matrix, this allowed me insight with knowledge and clarity for my interests.  This course contains invaluable information, but it also contains community, community within the BDSM world, we all seek others, the others are in this course.  Ultimately, the course presented the guidance, “To thine own self be true”.  Do you know your own true self?  You will after taking this course.

~ Charles, Tustin, CA

"i am a fairly experienced submissive, but i still found this course to be very enlightening! i really appreciated Mistress Damiana's psychological "sub-matrix" concept, as it really helps any sub to get a better sense of their own individual "kink personality type." no two submissives are interchangeable, and it's incredibly helpful to have this set of tools for analyzing and communicating what makes me unique. Mistress Damiana also did a fantastic job of providing very practical tips on good D/s protocols to follow, and of getting across how and why these thing flow very naturally out of a healthy FemDom dynamic. there was some theoretical material in the class, and some very practical material, and i'm excited to study the one and apply the other. i recommend this course highly to subs of all levels!"

~ slavegirl stacy, Los Angeles, CA

"Dear Mistress Damiana,
Thank You for such a wonderful class! The examination of the dynamics, the different elements and psychology of the Dominant and submissive struck me with their wisdom and insight. i cannot imagine how even more powerful this would have been for me years ago because even as a more experienced submissive it was so powerful to me! It is a rare gift to have the opportunity to explore such inward, personal topics with One so knowledgeable, compassionate and entrancing in the arts of the Feminine Divine. i sincerely feel it is a perfect course to help each of us develop ourselves and be more true to who we want to be as submissives for the Women we most want to please in our personal journeys."
~ kenna, Salt Lake City, Utah

"Mistress Damiana,

I just completed your “Be Your Best Submissive Self” Online- Zoom course. I want you to know of what a profound and positive affect the course has had on me. I am writing this testimonial to highlight the good things I took away from your work. Thank you for recognizing and taking action on educating the submissive population of the kink community. I believe you have tapped into 50% of an unrecognized market. The fact that you begin the course by asking the me to analyze my value system and apply it to help me understand my psych profile is an indicator of how much Clinical and Practical experience You put forth. I found the course to be very thought provoking and helpful in discovering what I want, like and how to communicate my wants and needs to My Mistress or fellow kinkster.  Mistress Damiana, Your experience is a valuable and amazing resource that you share with students. You don’t hold back, you are so giving of your knowledge. The course is challenging in that it ask for self truth and inner transparency to understand our “dark self “. Understanding why I felt shame and learning how to be rid of it. I  found your course to be a starting point to build upon to help understand my kinks and how to communicate them to my mistress. Well done Mistress Damiana. Thank you."

Warm regards,

slave p, West Covina, CA


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